GrooveThe Masie Center heeft een aantal trends op een rijtje gezet met betrekking tot collaboration/web conferencing. Deze trends zullen een invloed hebben op de e-learning wereld. Elliot Masie heeft deze trends opgesteld naar aanleiding van de overname van Groove door Microsoft.
* Another major technology company purchasing one of the web conference groups. I would not surprised to see either IBM or Oracle make a purchase in this arena.
* More integration of VOIP (Voice over IP) into core desktop applications. One will be able to start to collaborate with a colleague from within an application rather than jumping to a collaboration site.
* More context rich collaboration. Like IBM SameTime, learners will be able to see who else is working on a similar set of documents and launch an immediate moment of collaboration or learning activity discussion.
* New pricing models for collaboration. Watch for changes in pricing in how organizations pay for collaboration technology. More shifts will be seen towards server licenses rather than per user or per minute.
* Collaboration Servers will grow. Watch for the convergence of conferencing, document management and compliance requirements leading to adoption of enterprise wide collaboration servers.
* More On-Line Lab and Rich Video functionality. Watch for increased virtual lab technology (like the features in HP’s tools) and richer video functionality. Integration with Video over IP will also grow in this
(bron: Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie – March 14, 2005. #307)