Steve_balmer_chat_1Robert Scoble (right) had a quick videochat with Steve Ballmer (wmv) CEO ofRobert_scoble Microsoft about blogging.

Find the questions below and the transcript over here.

Why does Microsoft care about developers?
01:11 Why does Microsoft have an evangelism team?
01:48 What is your call to action for developers right now?
02:44 Microsoft is a leader in transparency and blogging. Why did you allow blogging?
Time for some tough questions. On the blogs there are those that say
that Microsoft doesn’t innovate, can you give us some examples of where
Microsoft is innovating?
05:42 Coming up with tough questions for
you is hard. If you were in my position what tough questions would you
ask Microsoft’s CEO?
07:22 Since a lot of Microsoft employees watch Channel 9, what would you say to all the Microsoft employees around the world?
08:48 What do you want to be remembered as?

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