Op How to blog for fun and profit las ik dat het marketinglandschap verandert volgens een artikel in SignonSanDiego.com BuzzBlitz. Daarbij spelen blogs een belangrijke rol vanwege het feit dat de klant het heft in handen heeft. De key-messages volgens T. L. Pakii Pierce zijn:
1. Commerical messages are out.
With consumers facing some 3,000 marketing messages of one kind or another every day, the traditional 30-second TV ad is beginning to seem as fashion-forward as a leather football helmet – and soon could become as scarce.
2. Consumer-generated marketing is in!
Consumer-generated marketing, reality engineering, viral marketing: There are lots of new names for what used to be known simply as word of mouth. What’s different now is the speed and breadth with which buzz proliferates on the Internet, and how receptive consumers can be to such messages.
3. Consumers are in control
The good news in all this, if you’re a consumer, is that you have more control than ever before, particularly online.
You can go to sites like Epinions.com or Amazon.com and rate and review products and services you’ve used, so other consumers can benefit from your unfiltered, unbiased and (most important) un-purchased testimonial.
You can blog about CDs you hate, foods you’ve tried, movies you love. (The first huge splash in online word-of-mouth came in 1999 with “The Blair Witch Project,” a phenomenon no film has been able to duplicate since.)
You can even have a hand in the actual advertising, or at least in how it’s distributed.
4. Blogs matter. Are you blogging for your business yet?