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The best bloggers are connectors

That is the opinion of Steve Rubel. With about 3025 feedreaders it is obvious that he is connected. And what Steve is doing most of the time is connecting and sharing. Connecting with other interesting postings, people, thoughts, figures a.s.o. and passing them through to us the readers. Most of the time he has an opinion, but Adam Weinroth think that this is not important. I disagree. Yes Steve is a connector and yes I like links to wonder through the enormous of knowledge and information, but I also like opinions. Most of the time it can be a few words, one sentence. Sometimes it is a background article stressing some points with arguments and figures. But please add your opinion Steve. It makes me think.

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Hans Mestrum

Hans is al 12 jaar bezig op het gebied van Social & Media. Vooral als videoblogger van projecten, evenementen etc. Per 1 januari 2016 is hij als videofilmer en videoblogger werkzaam in zijn eigen bedrijf hans ON experience. Hij maakt korte video's van evenementen, huldigingen, voorlichting, productintroducties, kennisoverdracht, presentaties, interviews, bevlogen mensen, open dagen etc. Schroom niet om hem om informatie te vragen wat hij voor jou kan betekenen. Bekijk ook zijn profiel website of kijk hieronder voor zijn online présence.


  1. Mickel Langeveld

    Let’s hope not everybody only starts connecting. You need them both people who are focussing on generating original/interesting ideas and asking feedback on them. And people that connect other to those ideas. I myself think the first group is even a bit more important: without original content we don’t have anything. The connection can always be deliverd by search engines.
    Further I think that “hans on experience” is making a transition from content to connecting, something I would like to see otherwise. It’s a choice: reaching less people, but be more valuable to them. Personally I would loose all the ‘blog’ content and return towards the original issues.

  2. Hans

    Hi Mickel, great feedback! What do you mean by ‘original issues’? In my opinion the blog content is part of the lifecycle of a blogger according to my earlier posting: metablogging. After this period I think the blogger reinvents his blog and content and returns with fresh new ideas. Could it be possible to serve both worlds? SO connecting & sharing?

  3. Mickel Langeveld

    Your header says:
    About ideas, opinions, insights, books, reviews, servant leadership, education, experience economy, trends and more interesting “things” of life!
    It does not say “about blogging”. I get an overdosis concerning blogging nowadays. I don’t read the articles on that subject anymore (“blog content”). I don’t know if you see the same tendency in you readers accessing the subjects (or isn’t that possible to analyze) I would like you to introduce more ideas like “servant leadership” ande “experience economy”. Precious available time can be better spend on truly new subjects then on the technology that is called blogging. (i.m.h.o.)

  4. Hans

    Blogging is a real great trend and for me interesting. As ICT Trendwatcher blogging and the technologies around it are important. They are also perfect examples of the experience economy: empowerment of the mass. So they combine both worlds: technology and experience. Besides this I start or follow ‘conversation’ in the blogosphere. Sometimes they are about blogging, sometimes they are not (as with my posting on De Vertraagde Tijd). For tomorrow I have posting which is interesting I hope about the new book of ALbert Boswijk: een nieuwe kijk op Experience Economy. And at the end I am writing these stuff because I like it. Of course I hope that other people also find it interesting but I cannot start conversations with everyone 😉 Thanks again for your great feedback.


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hans mestrum
Hans Mestrum

Leuk dat je hier op mijn weblog bent. De video's en foto's die je hier vindt, zijn door mij gemaakt voor o.a. de Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN), waar ik videoblogger en videofilmer ben.

Per 1 januari 2017 kan ik vanuit mijn eigen bedrijf hans ON experience ook voor jou korte videofilms maken. Dat kan een impressie zijn van een evenement, open dag, huldiging, of een video voor voorlichting, presentatie, productintroductie of een uitnodiging of van bevlogen mensen.

Ik voer het hele traject voor u uit, van intake tot opname, van bewerken van het videomateriaal tot het online zetten of aanleveren van het videobestand.

Schroom niet om contact met me op te nemen om te bespreken wat ik voor jou kan doen!

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