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Weblogs: Back to the basics?

Are we going back tot he basics with weblogs? So stripping all the scripts, blings, nics-to-have features? And just go back to simple logs? Could be. It is a trend of time: back to the basics. Gives more authenticity people think. Nowadays people like the simple, even not-ready things. For example correcting errors in postings. Not deleting them, no let people now what it was by the strike-through option.
frEdSCAPEs is now going to implement this KISS trend and thinks it is time for a change. You can read why he wants to go back to the basics. Because he thinks that weblogs will change overtime to be just:

– informative
– entertaining
– basic
– fast
– able to run on every platform

He is going to use another platform with which he thinks he can get the most of this functionality. He has chosen for: Radio Userland.

What do you think of Fred’s ideas? Will blogs change to Keep-It-Simple_Stupid? Do weblogs have functions in which functionality must be more than basics?

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