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NewsGator Launches NewsGator Media Platform

NewsgatorZojuist bekend gemaakt: NewsGator Launches “NewsGator Media Platform,” a Private Label RSS Service for Media Companies.
“Denver Post and the Media News Group Partner with NewsGator for Next Generation Media Service
DENVER, CO — March 3, 2005 — NewsGator Technologies, Inc., the leading RSS software platform company, announced today the launch of its ‘NewsGator Media Platform,’ a private label RSS service for the media industry. Media News Group and its flagship newspaper, The Denver Post, announced that they will launch branded RSS readers powered by NewsGator’s Media Platform for the Denver Post and other Media News Group properties.” J.B. Holston, the President and CEO of NewsGator, said………………….

“We’re thrilled to be working with The Denver Post to apply our industry-leading software platform to help extend their brand with the power of RSS. After a thorough review, Media News Group chose the ‘NewsGator Media Platform’ because it is the most scalable, cost-effective, and reader-friendly solution available on the market. We’re very proud of our partnership with one of America’s leading media groups.”
The NewsGator Media Platform is powered by NewsGator’s industry-leading NewsGator Online system, which manages hundreds of thousands of RSS feeds for tens of thousands of individual end-users who access their content synchronized across a myriad of devices. NewsGator is working with a wide range of media and other enterprises around the world to leverage that system to manage private-labeled RSS readers. NewsGator’s Media Platform is the only service that supports web, desktop, mobile, Media Center, DivX, and a wide range of other RSS applications and readers, all seamlessly synchronized. NewsGator’s interface and interaction design experts work closely with clients to create a consumer-friendly experience around the client’s brand, leveraging the power of NewsGator’s rich RSS aggregation and reading capabilities.
Mike Higgins, Senior Vice President and COO of Media News Group Interactive said, “We believe that RSS-based reading is the next generation for a rich, personalized experience for our readers. We’re extremely excited to partner with NewsGator, the clear leader in this space, around this vital industry innovation.”
Gil Asakawa, Executive Producer for The Denver Post said, “We’re excited to be working with NewsGator to develop a tool for our readers to take advantage of the burgeoning RSS universe, and to personalize their news from The Denver Post. There’s a huge opportunity here to popularize RSS as a mainstream format.”
About Media News Group
MediaNews Group, Inc is the nation’s seventh-largest newspaper company, with headquarters in Denver, Colorado. MediaNews Group and its subsidiaries publish 47 daily newspapers and 110 non-daily publications in 10 states, with daily and Sunday circulation of approximately 2.2 million and 2.5 million respectively. In addition, MediaNews Group owns a CBS affiliate in Anchorage Alaska and four radio stations in Texas. MediaNews Group maintains 74 websites for its daily newspapers and an umbrella website,

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Hans Mestrum

Hans is al 12 jaar bezig op het gebied van Social & Media. Vooral als videoblogger van projecten, evenementen etc. Per 1 januari 2016 is hij als videofilmer en videoblogger werkzaam in zijn eigen bedrijf hans ON experience. Hij maakt korte video's van evenementen, huldigingen, voorlichting, productintroducties, kennisoverdracht, presentaties, interviews, bevlogen mensen, open dagen etc. Schroom niet om hem om informatie te vragen wat hij voor jou kan betekenen. Bekijk ook zijn profiel website of kijk hieronder voor zijn online présence.

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hans mestrum
Hans Mestrum

Leuk dat je hier op mijn weblog bent. De video's en foto's die je hier vindt, zijn door mij gemaakt voor o.a. de Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN), waar ik videoblogger en videofilmer ben.

Per 1 januari 2017 kan ik vanuit mijn eigen bedrijf hans ON experience ook voor jou korte videofilms maken. Dat kan een impressie zijn van een evenement, open dag, huldiging, of een video voor voorlichting, presentatie, productintroductie of een uitnodiging of van bevlogen mensen.

Ik voer het hele traject voor u uit, van intake tot opname, van bewerken van het videomateriaal tot het online zetten of aanleveren van het videobestand.

Schroom niet om contact met me op te nemen om te bespreken wat ik voor jou kan doen!

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