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A tablet pc in the air: the Polly Experience

Well let’s give it a try. To write my experiences down here.

On the airport
At half past 12 I went to the meeting point at arrivals and gave Woodgate Charter Services a call. Some time later  car arrived and picked me up. Great experience to see an airport from within. Passing all kinds of fences, checks and we were driving on the airport! Of course there was a securiy check in a small building. After that right to Woodgates office, which looks like a nice, comforable pilots home with a lot of wood. lt was weautiful weather with sun and some clouds.

Meeting fellow passenger and Polly
There I met my fellow passenger who was also flying for the first time. She was a disabled person who had the time of her live now. After a while Polly came in. What charming woman, what a charisma. She was able to give all the people attention. I showed her the EasyBook and JeppView and soon we had Belfast Aldergrove and Belfast City charts with the landingzones and landingstrips on teh tablet pc. Polly was very enthusiastic about the tablet pc and the charts. Some later she showed it to our fellow passenger.
Of course I could film Polly working with the tablet and took some photos. Then we went to the plane.

Wow man what a small plane this was. Great that I am a small person now. I had the backseat and had to put on a headphone with a mike. After a lot of checks by Polly of her plane we took off. Phew we were flying. What view we had of the surroundings. It was really great. Polly explained all the details of taxiing and the dashboard and things. We were really very excited.Every now and then we had a bump when there was a cloud or a mountain. We were laughing like children.
Meanwhile Polly used the tablet pc even in the plane, looking up details of the landingzone. That was great. I was able to put it on video. I filmed the whole flight!
It was really great to see all these lakes, mountains and little villages. And what a great view of Belfast we had when entering the landing zone! Beautiful. Polly flew some more to showus the surroundings and she was talking and laughing. She was very enthusiastic as we all were.

Save landing
Of course we were awaiting for the landing,would this give a bump, would we get sick? And you know, it was very very comfortable landing. Very smooth, we did not hardly felt it. Great!
Time for some official paperwork, handshaking and kissing and of course some photos.
You can find more photos. It was a great experience and would like to thank Polly and Trevor for making this possible. It was great to have the first PaceBlade EasyBook tablet pc in the Britain air!
Ok, packing my lugage now and flying back to the Netherlands
Polly again thanks for this wonderfull trip.

(disclosure: PaceBlade who sponsored the tablet pc is a subsidiary of Tulip Computers, my employer)

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Hans is al 12 jaar bezig op het gebied van Social & Media. Vooral als videoblogger van projecten, evenementen etc. Per 1 januari 2016 is hij als videofilmer en videoblogger werkzaam in zijn eigen bedrijf hans ON experience. Hij maakt korte video's van evenementen, huldigingen, voorlichting, productintroducties, kennisoverdracht, presentaties, interviews, bevlogen mensen, open dagen etc. Schroom niet om hem om informatie te vragen wat hij voor jou kan betekenen. Bekijk ook zijn profiel website of kijk hieronder voor zijn online présence.

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hans mestrum
Hans Mestrum

Leuk dat je hier op mijn weblog bent. De video's en foto's die je hier vindt, zijn door mij gemaakt voor o.a. de Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN), waar ik videoblogger en videofilmer ben.

Per 1 januari 2017 kan ik vanuit mijn eigen bedrijf hans ON experience ook voor jou korte videofilms maken. Dat kan een impressie zijn van een evenement, open dag, huldiging, of een video voor voorlichting, presentatie, productintroductie of een uitnodiging of van bevlogen mensen.

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