David Weinberger is interviewing 7 presenters on the Supernova 2005 conference. He did some videopresentations/blogcasts (Quicktime movies) with (click to view):

Jonathan Schwartz, president Sun Microsystems (Should every leader blog?)
Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief, Wired magazine (About the misunderstanding of the Long Tail)
Robert Scoble, blogger, Microsoft (Should everyone blog, read all postings and Bill Gates)
Scott Kirsner, columnist, Boston Globe (How tech is changing Hollywood)

John Patrick, founder, Attitude, LLC (Blogging is underestimated)
Lili Cheng, director, Windows User Experience and Research, Microsoft (how social tools and social networking will affect Windows)
Peter Quintas, CTO, SolidSpace (ABout rich media blogs and blogs behind the firewall)

Great service to have such a conference aggregator. And more to come. See also the blog of David and his postings on this subject here and here:

Thanks to: del.icio.us/cbasturea/prdigest