Of course I am especially interested in corporate blogging, as I am a corporate blogger at Tulip Computers. So I read the interview with two Sun VP’s: Simon Phipps, Chief Technology Evangelist and Tim Bray, Director of Web Technologies, called Blogging in Business. For everyone interested in corporate blogging it is a must reas I think, because both, Simon and Tim, are talking about:

– origins of blogging
– Why would an enterprise choose to embrace the idea of blogging by its employees?
– About the risk side, and what do they think about balancing the risks and rewards of blogging?
– examples of successful bloggers in the tech world, both externally as well as inside Sun
– execs  blogging at Sun
– what are the tools of the trade of blogging?
– how accurate are the counting techniques?
– advice to a would-be blogger, and how does a person within an enterprise get started?

So a lot of useful info. But what I found most interesting was the mentioning (again) of the Cluetrain Manifesto and the shift from the industrial age to the Participation Age, where instead of messaging we have narratives, instead of marketing we
have conversations, and instead of consumerism we have participation.
Simon says:

"In the participation age, the right way to tell people about how great
your company is is to get the people who are making your company great
to tell how they are doing it. So, the obvious thing to do is get your
staff to tell their narratives from their perspectives, and that’s what
blogging is."

Via Jacob Boetter to Micropersuasion.

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