Wow, that’s fun! Raimo started a great experiment called: wikippt. Raimo says:

“Let me explain the concept:

You receive a PowerPoint presentation. Open it. On the first page you find the subject of the WikiPPT. Read the presentation. Add just ONE PAGE and forward it to someone you think can add value to the presentation. After 15 slides you send it back to the originator. The originator(in this case me) will post all collected PPT’s on his blog.”

We started with 10 people with a first slide of Raimo. After that every participant had to add one slide and send it to one other person. Hhmmm I was a bit to enthusiastic, I sent it to 18 people…..smile_confused!
I also installed a wiki for this experiment on which we are going to collect all final presentations. In that wiki you can find the participants, the subject, the concept and the starting slide.
Let’s see where this wisdom of crowds ends up.