User in control, empowerment of the individual are great words and trends which cannot be ignored. It is good that people get a voice. But how about integrity? What if a blogger writes nasty or untrue postings about a company or brand? This will be in the collective brains of the internet forever. OK when it is true, no problem posting that. That’s the voice of an integer person. How can we check integrity, both of the company and the person writing? I think it is hard to do that, but the blogosphere is linking and linking to all kinds of sources. Are they truth, authentic, integer? We discussed this item on blogstorm but not that much.
It is the comment of Shel Holtz on the weblog of Nevon what makes me think again on this subject. Neville has written about a blogger waging war and about a war on a support problems. OK, when it is all true, again no problem. But what if people have bad or untruth ideas….? Just wondering. Do you have an idea? Just wondering.