Typekey_2I just started with the TypeKey option in TypePad. Some minutes ago I ‘installed’ this option. Rather say, checked the check box with one click. That’s all and quite simple. But what is the functionality? Steve Rubel thinks that using TypeKey gives more hassle. I do not agree. Because TypeKey can be used optional by readers. So people who do not want to sign in can just comment on the same way as normal. Of course if I want I can turn on the signing in as obligatory. The advantage of TypeKey is that there is a authenticity proces both interesting for the one who is commenting as it is for the weblogger who is moderating the comments. The advantage for the reader is that he need not fill in name a.s.o. and that his emailaddress is not displayed. It is just a link to Typekey_profiles_1the profile of the TypeKey user in which he can decide what information is displayed. Even the emailaddress can be skipped. Above is my TypeKey profile.
In this way the TypeKey user is prevented from identity spoofing, because there is not much information (such as emailaddress) on the comment. So it enables you to verify and protect your identity on the internet. For the moderator of the weblog it is possible to see the profile of the person who is commenting and is therefore able to decided whether or not he approves the comment or better the one who is commenting. This gives more authenticity and trust. Nevon is also using the TypeKey feature.

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