ThinkblogThinkequity is een ook een weblog begonnen kunnen we op Marketingfacts lezen. Ze hebben ook hun visie op 2005 gegeven. Altijd interessant als een hippe bank dat doet. Hun lijstje hierbij:
– Unwired – Mobile Wireless Remains Hot!
– VoIP – Leveraging the IP network
– Nanotechnology – Emergence of the “Mini Me” Economy
– Biotech – Turning “data” into Medical Solutions
– On-demand Software – Empowering Users, Delivering ROI
– Social Networking – Peer Power
– New Media – “My Media!”
– Education – The Knowledge Economy
– Open Source – Bust it Open, Watch it Grow
– China – The Waking of Billions of Opportunities.
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ThinkequityUnwired – Mobile Wireless Remains Hot! The inflection point for the wireless food chain is just now being achieved. The continuing proliferation of wireless technologies, widespread adoption in emerging markets and the integration of more features is driving rapid handset growth. As consumers increasingly rely upon their mobile devices as complete personal communications devices, the need for more bandwidth, capacity and capabilities will drive increasing growth for handset vendors and leading component suppliers, as well as for companies providing innovative wireless applications and services.
VoIP – Leveraging the IP network. Total U.S. business adoption of voice over IP has risen from just 3% in 2003 to 12% in 2004. Among larger businesses adoption ranges from 34% in middle-market enterprises to as high as 43% at large businesses. Consumer adoption continues to lag, with just 2% of households currently subscribing to a VoIP service. By 2010 however, household VoIP adoption is expected to reach 75%. Businesses have been quick to recognize the cost savings and enhanced services of VoIP, while consumers have only recently begun to be targeted by advertising. In 2005, VoIP deployments should broaden and deepen within businesses, as they recognize the initial cost savings and move to adopt more IP based services such video conferencing, then user-to-user video calls (leading to XoIP, “everything” over IP). Consumer adoption should meaningfully accelerate as greater consumer recognition of potentially lower communications bills materializes as well as nascent demand for new IP-based services develops.
Nanotechnology – Emergence of the “Mini Me” Economy. Nanotechnology is being driven by the needs of several industries to tackle growing technology bottlenecks. In microelectronics it will be the only way to get more storage, memory and computational capacity in less space using less power. Industrial markets are requiring stronger and lighter materials. Medical markets are looking to nanotechnology for the delivery of medicine and diagnosing diseases. While in energy markets, nanotechnology-based products are already saving the U.S. 400 million barrels of oil a year.
Biotech – Turning “data” into Medical Solutions. Biotechnology continues to make sizable strides in the understanding and nature of complex biological phenomena, resulting in medical treatments and solutions for some of the largest problems in medical ailments. This remains an emerging opportunity, though even today increasing numbers of biotech firms are achieving profitability which is leading to increased interest by the mainstream investment community.
On-demand Software – Empowering Users, Delivering ROI. On-demand software is enabling companies to leverage outsourced applications and “pay-as-you-go” to cost effectively deploy software throughout businesses. This model has already gained substantial traction in CRM and is now poised to tackle increasing numbers of critical functions within the enterprise.
Consolidation – Eliminating the “One Product Wonder.” The consolidation trend will continue, most visibly in the software sector following the Oracle-PeopleSoft clearance in 2004. There simply remains too many publicly traded “products” in the sector which should continue to consolidate around suites of solutions to meet today’s business demands.
Social Networking – Peer Power! Creative mass marketing and peer-to-peer social networks continue to be on fire. Friendster, MySpace and LinkedIn continue to demonstrate the power of “peer power” and are redefining how companies target attractive market segments.
New Media – “My Media!” New consumer digital markets are being created and catalyzed as broadband, powerful but cheap devices and innovative business models digitize the consumer. The iPod, iTunes and the explosion in digital consumer devices are driving this trend, in the process opening new opportunities in areas such as “podcasting” and “podvertising.” Blogs are creating an explosion in user created content, “citizen journalism” and communities built by users, for users. RSS feeds are bringing web content directly to users without having to surf the net and finally empowering the elusive “push power” of the Internet.
Education – The Knowledge Economy. Education companies should continue to flourish as the knowledge economy continues to develop. The pay gap between somebody who has a high school education and a college education has more than doubled over the past 20-years, yet only 25% of the U.S. adult population has a college degree or better. Online education offers a unique and huge opportunity to close this gap through easier access to furthering educational attainment.
Open Source – Bust it Open, Watch it Grow! Linux traction in servers and data centers continues to proliferate, as “linux-based” technologies lower costs, reduce security risks and add stability to computing. This year, open-source applications built on the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl/Python/PHP) will further drive open-source adoption. Mozilla Firefox is leading the way in consumer usage of “open source” with more than 23 million downloads of the browser since November 9th, and taking an estimated 5% market share from Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. The big surprise of next year could very well be the increased market share of open-source “office applications,” bringing open source desktop software to a “computer near you” as well as reinvigorate demand for Apple computers among those that “really want one, but can’t because of work.”
China – The Waking of Billions of Opportunities. 1.3 billion reasons to be excited about prospects in China. The sleeping giant of Asia continues to make economic and social progress, rapidly creating a mass of purchasing power in the region. There will be growing pains, but the opportunity ahead remains massive across virtually all sectors.