Dion Hinchcliffe has posted his list of the Best Web 2.0 Software of 2005. I like this list, because I see tools which I already use, but what is so special, I found several tool which I did not know yet. With also a lot of runner-ups. Dion also gives a description of all these tools. Great job Dion!

Here is a summary:

Category: Social Bookmarking Best Offering: del.icio.us

Category: Web 2.0 Start Pages Best Offering: Netvibes

Category: Online To Do Lists Best Offering: Voo2do

Category: Peer Production News Best Offering: digg

Category: Image Storage and Sharing Best Offering: Flickr

Category: 3rd Party Online File Storage Best Offering: Openomy

Category: Blog Filters Best Offering: Memeorandum.com

Category: Grassroots Use of Web 2.0 Best Offering: Katrina List Network

Category: Web-Based Word Processing Best Offering: Writely

Category: Online Calendars Best Offering:  CalendarHub

Category: Project Management & Team Collaboration Best Offering: BaseCamp

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