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“The latest Internet trend
The next time you hear someone talking about “tagging”, they may not be referring to graffiti. The latest Internet trend, tagging, refers to the marking of Internet content to connect people with similar interests. Sites such as the popular photo sharing site Flickr let users mark their photos with “tags” (could be a word or phrase); when users have the same tags, a natural network of similar interests is formed. Another site that has the Web community, particularly bloggers, excited is del.icio.us. The bookmark-sharing site shows what Internet users are saving and looking at, with items organized into various categories such as music and humor. Kind of like the “Customers who bought this title also bought” feature on Amazon, users can, for example, see what other sites are tagged by people who have marked Pitchforkmedia.
Many people are intrigued by the potential tagging has in bringing attention to smaller websites. While tagging still has a relatively underground following, ultimately it seems that it will probably be used for viral marketing purposes. “