Last weeks I found my content ‘published’ on some spamblogs. With no contact details of the person administering that blogs and strange blognames. They use my feedburner RSS feed and duplicate the complete content in a posting. No opinion or other text is found in such a posting. No trackback is made to my posting and no feedback is given. These are obvious people who steal my content and use them for their own purpose or other’s. Perhaps they want to have some cash from Google Adsense, perhaps they just want to have fun. I do not know, but I do know that if someone is quoting me I feel it as appropriate that it is clear that it is a quote, by using some kind of characteristics which are normally used and not just by copying and pasting the complete text as posting. Using my RSS feed url as a link is not a enough. My permalink has to be in and if possible I prefer a trackback. So if you see my posting without any further reference but just the feedburner reference it is probably a spamblog.