Netanal Jacobsson just sent me this information!

"Samsung mobile will be launching a new cool web initiative called "" on Saturday, Dec. 24. However, an agency I work with tells me that the site will be up and running already today. The aim of the the initiative is apparently to challenge the way ‘film’ is both produced and consumed. I have had a look at it and it is quite amazing. features "Ubiquitous Films",…

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some really cool short films produced by young Hollywood filmmakers that can be downloaded on some Samsung mobiles, and "Interactive Films" an amazing interactive experience, through which the user can manipulate films to change the stories and solve puzzles – there is actually supposed to be 11,000 different ways to view the content.. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

The films have been assembled by Jon Kilik, known for such productions as Broken Flowers (Jim Jarmusch, director, Bill Murray, lead role) and Alexander (Oliver Stone, director, Anthony Hopkins, lead role). He has brought along Hollywood filmmakers Mark Dippe & Alex Merklin (Adrian Grenier is starring in his film) to create these films.

It seems like Samsung really believes that movies on cell phones is going to
become very big in the near future."

More information can be found on the weblog of Netanal.