Rolf_jensen_1Mr. Rolf Jensen was speaking on a lecture of the European Centre for the Experience Economy last Friday. Unfortunately I was not able to be there. But I read the summary of Anna Snel on the website of the Centre. For those people who are interested, please read this posting how to get free access to the membersection, where you can read this summary and a lot more interesting whitepapers and presentations.
But I want to quote from the summary of Anna, because it is very interesting what Rolf Jensen is saying, especially related to web2.0/weblogs a.s.o.:

"C2C means that consumers sell to consumers. Jensen calls these consumers the ‘amaproffs’. These individuals can be found on Wikipedia, Linux, omhy (Corean online paper which uses 30.000 citizen journalists), craiglist, blogs. These people don’t care about profits so how are you ever going to compete with them? These people do things because they are worth doing. The thing you have to realize is that consumers want to have a dialogue with other consumers so you must make room for that. And as was also clear from Godin’s Unleashing the Ideavirus: developments are not waiting until you’re ready to deal with them, they are happening anyway. Jensen tells that Rupert Murdock has said at a conference that unless newspapers become interactive they’re out, over, gone. The hierarchy with experts and authorities etcetera is becoming flat, the world is becoming flat."

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