Hé da’s interessant! Krijg zojuist een uitnodiging van ECEE om deel te nemen 23 september aan een bezoek aan Philips HomeLab. Daar zullen we het homelab gaan bekijken en een korte introductie krijgen in Ambient Technologies.

"What is HomeLab?            

Philips HomeLab looks and feels like a regular home with modern furniture in every room, Van Gogh prints on the walls, and even a fully stocked kitchen. While no one lives at Philips HomeLab, temporary “residents” can stay at the facility for anywhere from
24 hours to two weeks, depending on the type of research being conducted. During their residence, individuals or families will go about life as usual, while interacting with the new technologies Philips has installed in the facility.

The prototypes range from electronics that recognize your voice and movement to digital displays within the bathroom mirror to new “toys” that help will children expand their creativity.

Philips researchers will carefully watch how their tenants are
living with these technologies 24 hours a day through tiny cameras, microphones and two-way mirrors that are hidden unobtrusively throughout HomeLab. According to the scientists who developed Philips HomeLab, being able to study people in their natural home environment for long stretches of time will
help them to develop better products, faster. It gives them a true sense of how people are interacting with technology beyond the initial “newness” euphoria, and the test subjects act naturally because they are in a comfortable home setting—not a stuffy laboratory."

Razend interessant. Ik zal er uiteraard verslag van doen hier.

Update: link naar ECEE aangepast. Dank je Erik.

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