Hmmm, daar had ik nog neit bij stil gestaan. Google Docs als online, realtime collaboration tool. Elliot Massie heeft het uitgeprobeerd. Niet als experiment, maar gewoon in een werksituatie. Lees zijn verslagje maar eens hieronder.

“I had a most unusual writing experience yesterday: writing and editing an article in realtime, with an editor 3,000 miles away, online using Google Documents. Here is the details of this interesting experiment:

* I was writing a short article for a colleague located in England.
* They had to fit the article into a tight space (700 words) and wanted to look over my shoulder as I wrote it. * Sitting in my morning coffee shop stop, I fired up Google Documents, which has a new web based word processor and collaborator.
* I created a document and gave my colleague sharing and editing rights.
* They logged in from London and the process began.
* As I typed, they could chat with me in the box to the right. A few times they added or edited some words as I typed, with changes appearing on both of our screens.
* It was a wild ride. Different and a bit strange. Yet, the document got developed in under 30 minutes with both of our full satisfaction.”