Get Creative!

Businessweek had a special on-line: Get Creative, describing the shift from Knowledge Economy to Creative Economy and how this is done.

"What was once
central to corporations — price, quality, and much of the left-brain,
digitized analytical work associated with knowledge — is fast being
shipped off to lower-paid, highly trained Chinese and Indians, as well
as Hungarians, Czechs, and Russians. Increasingly, the new core
competence is creativity — the right-brain stuff that smart companies
are now harnessing to generate top-line growth. The game is changing.
It isn’t just about math and science anymore. It’s about creativity,
imagination, and, above all, innovation."

"Think out-of-the-box
consumer experiences, and you get the idea of paradigm shifting. Old
paradigm: corner coffee shops. New paradigm: Starbucks. Old: radio. New: satellite radio. Old: crowded electronics stores. New: Apple Computer  stores. Old: grungy, smelly circuses. New: Cirque du Soleil. Old: any airline. New: JetBlue Airways. Old: Macy’s. New: Target. Old: Earth-toned Birkenstock sandals. New: colorful beach "Birkis."

(Coming from the coverstory)

Take a look at the table of content. Great material!

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