Cisco_censored_1Oh my God. What a story this is. China has blocked all the TypePad blogs! I first read the blacklisted? story on Asiapundit yesterday. That was a questionmarkt then. Now it is certain. Rebecca MacKinnon:

"I asked some people in China to attempt accessing this blog and a long
list of other random Typepad blogs (including ones that never discuss
China), without using a proxy. None could be accessed.  Now all Typepad
blogs wanting to be seen in China will have to migrate to another blog
hosting service or onto an independent server."

Today you can read what she actually said and did not say.
To create awareness for this issue Asiapundit has created several images, like the one which comes with this posting. And they say:

"The Great Firewall is a creation of the Communist Party of China (CPC), and they are the ones who should be blamed."

Joi Ito has seen this before and Loic Le Meur asked the question of being blocked three days ago.

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