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My God, what a mess! I had iTunes7 with the right Quicktime version on my pc for synchronisation with my iPod and watching videos. Worked fine. But Camtasia does not work properly with the latest Quicktimeversion. Files with the .mov extension do not have video then. So I installed an earlier version. Camtasia works fine now, but now my iTunes does not work anymore ­čÖü
So I cannot sync my iPod….. And when I install an earlier version of iTunes I cannot use video’s in iTunes.
I also removed Faunhofer II Professional and installed the advanced version, because Camtasia chopped of the last bit of audio.
Pppfff why is this such a mess guys. I just want to use both my iTunes with my iPod and Camtasia….
No not plug and play right now, more plug and pray……
Does anyone know a solution for this?