MnewscenterYes! That’s possible. mNewscenter is able to stream RSS via Windows Media Center to your TV. This could be great, because more and more people are going to use flatscreens and Windows Media Center in their home. Now you can also read the blogs on it. As can be read on their website:

"mNewsCenter is an RSS reader that has been designed for the Windows
Media Center environment. Read blogs, watch and listen to podcasts,
or view any other information source using the RSS protocol."


    – Ability to view text, listen to audio, and/or watch video from any blog.
    – Totally seamless with Windows XP Media Center 2005.
    – Unlimited number of favourite feeds can be saved in one easy-to-access location.
    – Easy-to-use with the ability to control everything from one Media Center remote control.

Specs and free trial-download.

Thanks Scoble