This page is blogged with the Performancing for Firefox tool. Ket’s see if it works. I now have opened up with F8 and it is also in the context bar. After opening and entering your blog details (yes TypePad is supported!) you can start blogging. You will see a split screen with the Editor and your normal internetpage. Most used editing options can be used and also source editing is possible. You can choose the categories but you cannot add a new one. The old posts are in list on a tab, so you can easily edit them.
You can publish the posting or save it as a note for future purpose. Great option is the Technorati tags option. Just enter the words and click ‘Add tags to post’. Done!
Easily drag and drop options from the webpage (images or text) or with the right mousebutton makes it worth trying this out. I did the right mouseclick for the this link below:

HOW TO: Using Performancing for Firefox |
# Launching the PFF extension.
    * In-line
    * Tab
    * Window
# ‘Blog This’ context menu.
# Formatting your post (CSS or HTML)
# Adding Images
# HotKeys
# Additional features
    * In-line Spell checking with Spellbound

Right now there is no option to ping or trackback. It will be released in next update. Also the extended entry is not possible. So I cannot split my posting in a short intro and a ‘continue reading’ section.
Ok. Enought for now. Let’s post and see what the results are.
Update: after posting the line with Technorati tags wa published twice. So I deleted one (in the PFF tool with the option Publish as Edit). Also the Category was not entered. After posting again, both issues were ok.

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