I just finished reading a great interview with Eric Costello from Flickr. Eric Costello is the Client Development Lead for Flickr and a
prominent web developer. He was one of the first to publish CSS layout
templates on the web, has written several articles on CSS and DHTML,
and co-authored Cascading Style Sheets: Separating Content From Presentation (2002, Glasshaus).

He is talking about:
– history of Flickr (although it is just a year and a half old)
– user-driven development (about user-experience)
– making Flickr (about the informal way of working or better say playing)
– the Game Neverending (with this app it all started)
– the future of Flickr

I must say nice to read this from someone within the company. I like Flickr, just because what Eic describes. You can play around with your photo’s using them to show, to teach and to communicate. It is not just photostoring but a kind of social networktool with a lot of groups and abilities to comment and tag. I also use it to show where I have been on conferences or meetings. This can give an impression of such an event. I think Flickr will be used more and more for this purpose. I found this interview in the most popular Furls. You can find my Flickr archive here (RSS).

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