TypekeyenabledThis weekend TypePad, the blogsoftware I am working with rolled out a bunch of new features such as comment and trackbackmanagement for fighting spam and new design templates. Perhaps some of you noticed different lay-out styles on my blog during weeked. I do not know, because I followed the advice of TypePad to go on holiday ­čśë
But now I see some great new features. The comment and trackback management is up and I have a lot of diskspace (1000 MB ) and more bandwidth now (10 GB per month) now. Th is for a Pro account which I am working with. I also installed the comment and trackback system. Just 2 clicks! You can see this working if you leave a comment on a posting. Then you will get this:

Comments are moderated, and will not appear on this weblog until the author has approved them.

If you have a TypeKey or TypePad account, please Sign In

Signing in in TypeKey is voluntary. And with the moderation option I think commentspam and trackspam is fighted. If this is not enough I can choose for the option that everyone has to sign in. Bu I think is good enough for now. Please feel free to give your comments on this.

Here is what the trackback and commentmanagement system is:

  • Support for TypeKey-based comment authentication. TypeKey
    is a service that lets you confidently identify a particular commenter,
    and it is a free service. We’ve supported TypeKey comment
    authentication in Movable Type
    for more than a year now, and customers who have implemented TypeKey on
    their weblogs have virtually eliminated comment spam from their weblogs.
  • Moderate comments and TrackBacks. You’ll be able to pre-screen comments and TrackBacks and approve them before they appear on your published weblog.
  • Enhanced set of screens in TypePad for managing comments and TrackBacks.
    The goal of the improvements is to make it easier to scan and quickly
    take action on new comment activity, including deleting comments,
    approving or deleting moderated commenters, or banning unwanted
    commenters from your site.

TypeKey is an authentication system not an authorization system. It can be used by everyone (FAQs on TypeKey). So you can also sign up. And if you already did sign, please use the TypeKey.

In the comment of this posting you can see my TypeKey profile after signing in.

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