Again a great posting of Fredrik. This one is about corporate policies and rules. He has made a list of policies of corporate blogs and in this posting he has made a comparison between them. See how he classified them and use the links to go to more indepth information on his weblog. Great overview Fredrik!

“The Core; all companies

- You’re personally responsible
- Abide by existing rules
- Keep secrets
- Be nice

The Common; approximately half of them

- Add value
- Respect copyright
- Follow the law
- Cite and link
- Discuss with your manager

We can also add The Unusual; things only one or two companies mention. There are certainly many rules we only find in a few policies, but these I found especially interesting.

- You can write on company time
- Our goal
- You may disagree with the boss
- Stop blogging if we say so
- Contact PR”

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