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4 trends of CEOs

I read this in the newsletter of the Masie Center. Eliott Masie is an important Futurist on Technology, Learning & People. I like his Learning TRENDS newsletter, with a lot of info on topics mentioned which are important. So here are some trends he discovered. I think it is good to read them and think them over.

“CEO’s Respond to 4 TRENDS: This weekend I presented a speech to several hundred CEO’s of energy and communication companies. The topic was “4 Trends To Watch”. They all connected back to learning, knowledge and performance. The response from the CEO’s was quite powerful and launched a good many dialogues about the future of learning and technology in their organizations. Here is the quick list:

* Self-Service: Employees and customers are moving rapidly towards a comfort and even assumption of self-service for transactions.
* Search vs. Menu: Fewer websites are being accessed via a click from a menu and more from a free text search process.
* Media Timeshifting: Increased use of TIVO and Digital Recorders at home are leading to an expectation of the ability to timeshift most media watching. |
* Peer Validated Knowledge: People are increasingly balancing expert knowledge with peer validation and ratings.”

Link: Masie Center

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