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Trends in learning

Volgens IBM Research zijn er de volgende trends waar te nemen in Learning:
– Learner empowerment – learners are becoming responsible for their own learning rather than having learning ‘done to them’.
– Collaborative learning – recognising that some 80 per cent of what humans learn is learnt by ‘being and doing’ on-the-job, through connecting with other people and the environment.
– ‘Embedded learning’ – a revised and updated version of ‘electronic performance support systems’ (EPSS).
– Learning being about ‘reaching outside the organisation’ to customers and suppliers – passing on an organisation’s knowledge to these in order to build loyalty.
Volgens Tata Interactive Systems zijn de belangrijkste trends in learning:
– The delivery of learning materials to mobile devices is increasing rapidly.
– Outsourcing both HR activities and the production of training/learning materials is also increasing rapidly.
– Increasingly, many training managers are being expected to rollout learning programmes globally – which indicates the growing globalisation of business.
– Those providing the input for learning programmes – the teachers – are, increasingly, being drawn from anywhere in the world, making their knowledge and expertise available to anyone, anywhere in the world, and thus making ‘learning’ a truly global activity.
– The growing realisation that ‘learning’ is merely a blanket term – like ‘fruit’ rather than ‘banana’, ‘mango’, ‘apple’ and so on. Consequently, those commissioning ‘learning programmes’ are becoming more discerning and, so, are now asking for ‘simulation-based’, ‘story-based’ or other, more specific forms of learning materials.

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