The_culture_chasm_2Some while ago I had a posting about the preliminary results of the corporate blogging survey. As corporate blogger of Tulip Computers I also took part in this survey. Today the complete results were published by Backbone Media.

Some conclusions (with the graphs):

–  51% took less than 1-2 months
  to start the process of thinking of launching a blog and
  actually launching the blog
- 92% of the respondents, were sole bloggers on their blog
- the chief priorities of bloggers are publishing ideas
  and building a community
- 49% of the respondents had been running their blogs for over 7 months
- ‘Costs in terms of man hours’ was seen as the biggest potential roadblock
to starting a blog
- ‘Thought leadership and or idea sharing’ was the most important factor where bloggers saw results quickly
- Another way to publish content and ideas’, ‘Thought leadership’ and
  ‘RSS syndication’, ‘A way to get information quickly to customers’ are
  the top four factors in terms of having an impact on companies running
- 59% of respondents has been contacted by a journalist
- 53% of the bloggers stated that a contact from a journalist had resulted in a published piece from a journalist
- 82% had not received any negative PR
- 54% of bloggers target keyword phrases in their blog article posts.
- 45% of the bloggers were President’s or principals, 33% were department heads, and 22% were staff members
- bloggers aged between the ages of 30-39
- 52% have a college education, 48% have taken higher education
- 77% were male and 23% were female
- Six Apart’s products Typepad and Movable Type were most used

Furthermore a lot of quotes of bloggers are in the report about the differences between a weblog and a website, the advantages of a corporate weblog, relationship with customers, negative consequences, the fit in marketingplans, enhancing marketing communications and the results versus expectations.

Some cases studies are presented from Microsoft, IBM, Macromedia, iUpload, Maytag and Annie’s Homegrown.

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They have a blog on the results, you can download the PDF of the report with lots of graphics and info or read it at the html page.

The content of the report (with links to the html page):
- Executive Summary
- Survey & Case Studies Overview
- Crossing the Corporate Blogging Cultural Divide
- Analysis & Commentary of the Survey Results
- Blog Case Studies
- Lesson Learned - How to Build a Successful Blog
- Author Bios
- About Backbone Media Inc.