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Blogging with my tablet

I am writing this on my tablet pc. With handwriting. Must do it in English. great to see that the software is recognize my handwriting. My daughter says: Cool dad! Don’t you need a keyboard? Ha this is fun. Now I can even write without using separate characters. Wow man this is fast !
Great feature! Love this. It feels like a new way of interaction with your computer. And it is fast! Just as normal writing. And my writing is terrible. But not for this software. Ok let’s save this baby.
First enter the tags. And then hit publish.

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Hans Mestrum

Hans is al 12 jaar bezig op het gebied van Social & Media. Momenteel is hij vlogger bij de Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN). Daarvoor houdt hij o.a. deze weblog bij met videoblogs van projecten, evenementen etc. Daarnaast schrijft hij op persoonlijke titel over trends, zijn (professionele) leven en overwegingen. Bekijk ook zijn profiel website


  1. Marc

    Hans, besides the technique which will be fascinating for sure, I don’t understand your enthousiasm about the speed of writing. You’re blogging “And it is fast! Just as normal writing.” I would say, it’s slow just as normal writing. Do you really write a post in less time using this tablet pc instead of using a keyboard? I hardly can’t imagine, unless your typing speed isn’t that high.
    I’m waiting for great voice recognition software, that should increase our blogging speed!

  2. Hans Mestrum

    Ha Marc, it seems that you can read my mind 😉 I was just experimenting with the voicerecognition on my tablet.
    And of course I cannot write as fast as I think or talk. But it is fascinating to see that the handwritingrecognition seems to understand my terrible writing. And writing feels as a more natural way of working for me.
    But again, those are just experiments. I will capture a video with this next week which I will post here.

  3. Stan Segers

    Hi Hans,
    Is “my tablet” still running with Windows XP, or did you upgrade to Vista? Back at NewLevel, I had the opportunity to do this with Vista (can’t remember if it was Beta2 or RC1). My experience with Vista back then in Dutch was about equal to Windows XP SP2 in English. If you want, I can help you set it up.
    For reference, the permalink.

  4. Hans Mestrum

    Ha stan, ‘my tablet’is actualy Tulip’s tablet, so there is no Vista on it and I cannot upgrade 🙁
    It should be great to test the Vista functionality in dutch.


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