4 students
It was a pleasure to work with these 4 ladies. 3 Of them are students at HAN Life Sciences and the girl who did the interview is studying at Intenational Business Studies.

No controlmode
The students had a great chat together without questions which they had to answer. Great to see that if you step out of the controlmode people open up themselves. And in this video´s you see them behave in a very natural and open way. Great job they did!

About school, weather, food, international office
In this 4 video´s the students talk about their lives in the Netherlands, the weather, their studies, International Office, their ´mother´ at HAN Life Science and so on and so forth.

Playlist and High Definition
Below you can find the 4 video’s in a playlist. It consists of 4 parts and you can scroll through the parts by using the left and right arrow or the icons at the bottom of the screen. The videos are in high definition on YouTube. So if you want to watch them in HD please go to YouTube.

To the playlist in YouTube.