This text can be read on the website of the HAN. HAN will be my new employer. I am going to work there per September 1st as trendwatcher and new media specialist (weblogger, podcaster, a.s.o.) and perhaps do some teaching.

"HAN University of Applied Sciences is situated in the eastern part of the Netherlands, near the German border. Visitors to this part of the country will be charmed by the typically Dutch scenery of wide rivers, bridges, dikes and polders, set against a background of woody hills, and small towns. Arnhem and Nijmegen Two of these towns - the twin cities of Arnhem and Nijmegen (only 15 kms apart) - accommodate HAN University of Applied Sciences, one of the fastest growing universities of applied sciences in the country. Two modern city campuses facilitate the exchange of knowledge between more than 27,000 students and 2,500 staff members. Domains HAN University offers almost every type of professional higher education related to the following domains: Education, Social Studies, Commerce, Communication, Business Administration, Law, Economics, Engineering, Built Environment, Applied Sciences, ICT and Communication, Health, Nursing and Sports and Movement. Within these domains students can choose from over 60 Bachelor programmes and 15 Masters courses."