On January 27, 2010 Indian press members visited HAN University of Applied Science in Arnhem. This visit took place within the framework of enhanced cooperation between the Dutch and Indian automotive industry.

The journalists from the Economic Times and Overdrive newspapers and the television station CNBC India reported on a presentation by Indian students on the development of the environmentally friendly EcoTuk. This was devised and built in 2009 by (now graduated) HAN students.

The HAN EcoTuk last summer proved the most economical and environmentally friendly entry during an international contest in India between Dutch and Indian universities and technical colleges. Since then, the developments surrounding the ‘HAN’ds-on Eco-Tuk retrofit kit have been closely followed" by the media in India. With this special mounting kit the TukTuk two-stroke engine is suitable for LPG, making it dramatically cleaner and more fuel efficient. The kit is now ready to be put on the market in India at an affordable price.

Another area of cooperation between the Dutch and Indian automotive industry is the fact that Indian SRM University students from Chennai have been involved since the summer in the final development of the kit. These students presented, along with Ruben Antvelink, one of the inventors of the kit, on January 27. During this visit the press were given a tour and were fully informed about the automotive bachelor programmes at HAN, the facilities present and about recent and future projects in and with India.

Cooperation Netherlands and India
The reporters of the Indian newspapers and TV station visit the Netherlands to mark the kickoff of the project 2g@there, initiated by consultancy FIER Automotive in Helmond. The aim of the project is the tighten cooperation between the Dutch and Indian automotive industry, and offer entrepreneurial support to entrepreneurs in exploring the Indian market. This kickoff is also attended by a CEO of the Engineering section of TATA Motors.

Growing sector
The automotive industry in India in recent years has become the fastest growing sector. The quality improves significantly and thus, the export industry also. India is the world’s second producer in bicycles, the fourth producer in commercial vehicles and eleventh in passenger cars. With an expected annual growth projection of 15 percent in 2012 the outlook is favourable for India.