Fablab at the HAN – Join the Fablab world

While students are busy with their assignments, exams and holidays, fabulous projects take place in the HAN…

It’s July 2010 and everyone who has been working on the Fablab project is excited about the day, when the vision will become reality. Glorianna Davenport from MIT, the birthplace of the Fablab concept, is also here toasting the launch of the 5th Fablab to open doors in the Netherlands.

But what is a Fablab you may ask. Key words when talking about a Fablab are communication, innovation, collaboration and creativity. It’s a place that stimulates different people to work together by providing them the necessary space, equipment and possibility to collaborate.

The first Fablab, conceptualised by Prof. Neil Gershenfeld from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), is located in Boston. The success and the inspiration it brought, lead to the creation of about 50 Fablabs across the globe.

The HAN is the proud host of the Fablab Arnhem. Since September 2010 it is actively used by students from the HAN and ArtEZ, professionals from different fields, teachers, but also entrepreneurs or individuals with a great idea. The doors are open to everyone and so far about 3,000 have visited the Fablab. The idea is to create a community that can be innovative and creative through collaboration. What makes the Fablab even more attractive is the international element, since all the Fablabs across the world are connected, stimulating knowledge and idea sharing. To make the concept even more attractive, there is a laser cutter that can create a 3D prototype of almost any design.

So far the Fablab has been involved in many initiatives. In fact, IFA students use it for creative sessions for their Business Plan project. IFA students also brainstormed about ideas to improve the Fablab, and the best ones will be implemented.

In the Fablab we meet a student from ArtEZ. “I come here to work on my jewellery. I really like it, because it’s professional, we collaborate and learn from each other”
Currently the Fablab also works on a project for the Museum of Modern Arts in Arnhem. 250 gun-rings (a ring with a revolver on top of it), designed by Ted Noten, will be produced using the 3D printer.

And now some practical information:
You can find the Fablab at Ruitenberglaan 26, room D0.17. There are three different venues within the Fablab:
– FabOffice, where a student company can be set up; In fact, a student company “Vinyl fantasy”, offering creative designs from old LPs was set up in the Fablab and it won a prize for innovative product.
– FabLounge, where people can brainstorm and develop plans using touchtables and other digital support; the room is spacious and comfortable stimulating creative thinking.
– Fablab itself, where you can make use of various equipment
Basic training workshop is provided to show how to use the Fablab and a special discount is available for students. For more information, please visit: http://www.fablabarnhem.nl/
Special thanks to Henk Oost and Sergio Canestrelli for their input.

Article written by Nevena Semova