I am flabbergasted! OMG look at these great creations! Just created in 5 hours. Participant of the workshop:How to create almost anything? or better known as x-polinate: imagination to reality dreamed and created these wow-things. That’s technology, that’s creation, that’s fun and look at those eyes of the people….see the proud and enjoy! Wow, it touched my heart and soul. This is technology man. But with passion, enthusiasm, engagement and meaning.  Technology to create a better world. Technology which is fun. Not just mathematics and science. No, also pleasure and creation. That’s also technology. Wow, I feel that technology education will change. Fast and meaningful. I saw it in these three days of the MIT workshop. Dream and create, follow your passion and have fun. That’s also the ‘technology song’.
Watch and feel the passion.

Watch in higher video quality.