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Wings around Britain: I will videoblog from a sportsaircraft!

Wings around Britain
On May 21 a great project will start:Wings around Britain. The challenge is to land  at all 206 airfields in Great Britain.
Can you imagine: landing on all these airfields in 2 months! But that’s not all.



Polly Vacher
Polly Vacher (famous record breaking pilot) will take a disabled person on each sector wherever possible. Polly is well-known from Wings around the World Challenge, first woman to fly solo over the North Pole in a single engine aircraft, first woman to fly solo in Antarctica in a single engine aircraft, first person to fly solo around the world landing on all seven continents, 60,000 nautical miles, 357 days,

The aims of the project
The aims are: To promote “Flying Scholarships for the Disabled” and Flying for the disabled in general. Also to promote sales of the book “Wings Around the World” the proceeds from which go to “Flying Scholarships for the Disabled”.

What is Flying Scholarships for the Disabled?
Flying Scholarships for the Disabled (FSD) is a scheme whereby, through the mental and physical challenges of learning to fly a light aircraft, disabled people can rebuild their confidence so enabling them to restore their self-esteem. This in turn empowers them to explore their potential by extending their personal mental and physical boundaries. Each scholarship student completes a 6-week residential course of training, which includes ground school and up to 40 hours of dual and solo flying. This is provided at no cost to the student and currently flight training takes place at flight schools in the USA and South Africa. Watch this great video if you want to know more. Wow, what a project!

Videoblogging from the aircraft
Well and I am proud to be part of such a flight! I will fly with Polly on Wednesday in Belfast. Wew, should be great to shoot a video then for this weblog. Thank you so much Polly for taking me with you on this great trip.
And you know, an EasyBook tablet pc of PaceBlade on board is used as navigation tool! With JeppView of Jeppesen. Great case. I hope I can make photos and a video of the tablet pc in the aircraft. Not much room in such a plane I think. smile_regular 
Hmmm, and do I get sick? smile_sick Well, let’s hope I am able to shoot the video. Belfast here I come!

Photos of the EasyBook tablet pc in an aircraft
Below you can find some photos of the EasuBook tablet pc in an aircraft. 

EasyBook P8 in aircraftEasyBook P8 in aircraftEasyBook P8 in aircraftEasyBook P8 in aircraftEasyBook P8 in aircraftEasyBook P8 in aircraft

(full disclosure: PaceBlade is a subsidiary of Tulip Computers, my employer and sponsor of the project)

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Hans Mestrum

Hans is al 12 jaar bezig op het gebied van Social & Media. Momenteel is hij vlogger bij de Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN). Daarvoor houdt hij o.a. deze weblog bij met videoblogs van projecten, evenementen etc. Daarnaast schrijft hij op persoonlijke titel over trends, zijn (professionele) leven en overwegingen. Bekijk ook zijn profiel website


  1. Willem

    Laat ik nou volgende week woensdag toevallig ook in Belfast zijn! Ik zit in het Europe hotel (the most bombed hotel of Belfast). Wie weet kunnen we samen een pint drinken?

  2. Hans Mestrum

    Hi Willem,
    ik zit in Hotel Park Plaza op Belfast International Airport, dus dat is volgens mij een behoorlijke afstand. Ik land echter op Belfast City rond 3 uur in de middag.
    Hoe laat kunnen we ergens afspreken?

  3. Hans on Experience

    Wings around Britain: a sneak peak

    I cannot hardly wait to go over to Belfast for this marvellous project: Wings around Britain. The rest of the schedule of the 206 airfields on which Polly will land is also availablable now. Well here some pictures I found of Polly, herplane, the proje…


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