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Hé that’s strange: my screencasts in Yahoo Podcasts?

After reading Neville’s posting about the beta of Yahoo!Podcasts I tried the search for screencast. And suprise suprise, I found 9 of my screencasts…..with RSS feed, subscription to my Yahoo!Podcasts possibility and information. Unfortunately the listen to option does not work now, but you can download the epsiodes.
But……I never entered the screencasts in Yahoo!Podcasts! Who did it? Did they copied the iTunes music store? Or did Yahoo enter the screencasts themselves? I do not. So I sent an email to Yahoo. Does anyone know?
Please Yahoo can you explain?

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Hans Mestrum

Hans is al 12 jaar bezig op het gebied van Social & Media. Momenteel is hij vlogger bij de Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN). Daarvoor houdt hij o.a. deze weblog bij met videoblogs van projecten, evenementen etc. Daarnaast schrijft hij op persoonlijke titel over trends, zijn (professionele) leven en overwegingen. Bekijk ook zijn profiel website


  1. Don

    Hi Hans, This is Don from I also found my screencasts in the Yahoo Podcasts but I also found a dummy podcast that I created as one of my screencasts. This was only posted to iTunes so they must have got the data from iTunes!
    Unless they trawled the sites of popular podcasting hosting services – I’m with Libsyn

  2. Hans Mestrum

    Hi Don, great to see you here! Ok so that’s clear I think. I hope they give a comment to my posting and question. DO Yahoo and Apple have connections?

  3. Fred Zelders

    Hans (Don),
    Why so excited? Asking for permission makes no sense.
    Did you ever give permission to Google, MSN, Yahoo to index your weblog? I bet you didn’t.
    The search services try to facilitate in finding what is already on the web. Right? And your screencasts ARE on the web, so …
    And that’s the way it should be.

  4. Hans Mestrum

    @fred: oh no not excited. Just wondering. Ok they can search and enter them in their tool, but why did not they enter them all, for example the Google Video and Google Blogsearch video’s? And why does not it function? If they search for video’s and produce them in a list to readers they should do it in a way that they work fine. (I think).

  5. Fred Zelders

    You sask yourself:why did not they enter them all I think because they are for some reason more difficult to find than the rest.
    Second: And why does not it function? My guess: Probably THIS is the way they were found with THIS search argument. They just provide the url that is ‘connected’.
    Anybody another explanation?

  6. Hans Mestrum

    @fred: not they are not difficult to find:
    And in both platforms they can be listened to.
    But when I look in iTunes: I can see that there are just 9 episodes (the same as in Yahoo!) so apparently they use the iTunes ‘feed’. And in iTunes can also be listened to. Mefeeida also uses the feedburner feed.
    I will also enter my Ourmedia feed to Yahoo! to see what happens.

  7. Peter

    Hey, just to leave a note: in Mefeedia you have control control. In the next version you’ll be able to claim your feed, remove it, control completely what mefeedia does with it.. 🙂


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