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Great PubSub link measurement tool

This is a great tool from PubSub. A measurement tool for inbound and outbound links. Take a look at my link details with nice graphs and a lot of detailed info. It is still buggy they say but nevertheless I think it gives a lot of information. The RSS feed can easily be used in your feedreader. It gives some slightly other info. And these are the details of Micropersuasion of Steve Rubel. The link I used should be on my outlinks list very soon I presume. You can also see the number of daily entries on my blog or someone else of course.
(from Micropersuasion)

Update 3/6 9.00u: seems to be a problem at PubSub (no graphs) and Flickr (no photo’s). Here are the graphs from the TypePad server:
daily entries

Update 3/6 9.50u: Please keep this in mind:

“PLEASE NOTE: LinkCounts are based on the content of a site’s feed(s). Some feeds only publish summaries (or even just headlines) that do not contain links. We are constantly working to improve the resolution and accuracy of our published statistics. At times we may feel that our changes are significant enough to warrant reprocessing of some or all of our historical "raw" data. These changes will most likely result in the removal and regeneration of our published historical data.”  (via Nevon)

Update 12.00u: both Flickr and PubSub work fine now.


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Hans Mestrum

Hans is al 12 jaar bezig op het gebied van Social & Media. Momenteel is hij vlogger bij de Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN). Daarvoor houdt hij o.a. deze weblog bij met videoblogs van projecten, evenementen etc. Daarnaast schrijft hij op persoonlijke titel over trends, zijn (professionele) leven en overwegingen. Bekijk ook zijn profiel website


  1. MarketingFacts

    Hoeveel weblogs linken naar MarketingFacts?

    PubSub heeft een hele interessante tool: LinkStats om dat bij te houden. Het geeft veel informatie over inlinks, outlinks en het dagelijks aantal entries op een weblog. Het is zelfs

  2. Hans

    Update: 3/6 8.45u I see that the graphs are not there. I hope they will be back fast. Meanwhile you can see my graps as pictures in the posting.

  3. Neville Hobson

    A useful tool indeed, Hans. As you’ve noticed, it’s still a bit buggy with, eg, graphs not displaying at times. Helpful, nevertheless, as a way of visualizing the linking of your blog.

  4. Hans

    Yes great tool! Hope the graphs will be back soon

  5. Mark Wagner

    Thanks for taking the time to review our tools.
    I had also noticed the issue with the graphs last night. While the problem seems to have been “self-correcting”, we are investigating it further to try and prevent a repeat occurrence.
    -Mark Wagner
    PubSub Concepts Inc


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